An acronym, which stands for "You are teh sux0rz"

Barry: Hey dude, yats.
Fred: No, YATS.
by MaxYats June 29, 2007
a male sexual organ.
is your yat speedy?

I wanna ride your yat
by sundayanimationnight April 10, 2011
Yat (yāt) interj. : A combination of the words "Yay!" used for expressing elation, and "What?," resulting in a word one uses when responding to a statement that may demand an excited response, but the responder is unsure as to whether or not they should be thrilled about said statement.
Person #1: "Hey - ! Would you like to go see the new exhibit at the Museum on the Dromaeosauride families - ?!"

Person #2: "Hells yeah ... ! (What's a Dromaeosauride ...?)"

Person #1: "I know! I'm so pumped for this! Yay - !"

Person #2: "I know ... ! Me too!

Person #2: <enthusiastic nervous laugh> Yat ... !

Person #1: "Wooooo !!!" <fist pump>
by J-Nabi July 19, 2010
A posh name for a young, attractive, female, teenager....hence Y.A.T
Other uses:
Yats (pl. of Yat)
Yattage (group of Yats)

Mate, come out of Jack Wills and check out these safe YATS cruising the KR...
by Caadon February 20, 2009
A Yat .. Is Basically A Prick Or A Girl

When used for a girl, it's kind of general.

When used for a boy, it's an insult

Girl : Yo ! Was'a'Gwarn Nigga's

Guy 1 : Shullup Man, I'm playin COD!

Girl : How Dare You ?! I'm Your Girl Man, Treat Me like One!!

Guy 1 + 2 : Typical Yat Behaviour. * Carry on playing*


*Guy 1 has argument with Guy 2*

Guy 1 : What the Rass' You doing man !

Guy 2 : Shullup an' Fricking play !

Guy 1 Mutters : (F*cking Yat*)
by Yatty Don April 04, 2011
An acronym for You Are Teh Sucks. A nicer way to say "fuck you."
xXpainXx: Omg Life Lyk Sucks
Guy_091828998089kittykittylicklick: Yats, bro.
by Dr.Crowley July 03, 2009
"Yat" also known as "your a tool"
Guy; "Hey girl, would you like to come back to my place?"
Girl; "NO, YAT!"
by girly22 October 31, 2009

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