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an arabic name that means jasmine

yassmins are really nice and beautiful. they have really big hearts and are always helpful. Yassmins love harry potter and

continuously talk about it. they love to laugh and have fun. They are really pretty and have an amazing sense of fashion. Its hard not to love them <3
girl: im so bored today what do i do?
friend: lets call yassmin!
by soccerprincess22 April 12, 2011
a bitch
Have you seen that bitch, yassmin.
by xenaprincesswarrior March 20, 2013
a mixture between an Egyptian pig and a Philipina pig who loves to eat. Yassmins generally don't have such great hygiene.For example they tend to disregard brushing their teeth or flushing the toilet. Yassmins also have very sweaty hands and feet to the point that if they clap and someone is next to the,they will get splashed.
- The foods all gone!
- Yassmin must have ate it all...
by soccerstar898 March 21, 2009