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Another term for a monkey. A BIG, HAIRY, monkey. It is said to be King Kong's great granddaughter. Was thought to be extinct after the death of King Kong, but no one knew that he fucked that one chick and she gave birth to a "yaritza"
Person A: "Why is there a monkey walking around town?"
Person B: "That's not a monkey, it's a Yaritza.
Person A: "I didn't know those existed..."
Person B: "They do, King Kong fucked that one chick.
Person A" Oh."
by DefinerOfUnknownWords November 01, 2009
She is a beautiful kind girl smart and will fight till the end. She'll stand up for herself and others she has a great body and she is an amazing friend. Oh and she's just a Boss.
Girl: Hey, this kid wont stop making fun of me.
Yaritza: It's ok I'll take care of it.
Girl: Thank you so much your an amazing friend yaritza!
by bishfacts July 22, 2016
Sexy, Hilarious, Quirky, entertaining, loves to have a good time and can hold a great conversation!!! Easy to talk to and makes you feel extra special. Know how to treat her man. Yaritza is family oriented. She loves to get together with family and friends. She is open-minded to others beliefs and hates when others are close-minded. Yaritza is a great best friend and any guy would be lucky to find a Yaritza.
"who is that awesome looking chick?"
"Duh, its Yaritza!"
by MMend November 15, 2013
Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet, Humble, Honest and very sensitive. A great friend and partner. Gives the best of her and expects the same in return if not then Yaritza will leave for good. If you have a Yaritza in your life don't let her go because she is a very unique and special kind of girl!
Mark, "I just don't know, its different with this Yaritza girl."
John, "What's different about this girl."
Mark, "Yaritza she's amazing and I think I have fallen in Love."
by JSHE November 15, 2013
some one that is sexy and hot;lovable, sexy. she will pick you up with a smile and everyone loves this type of person most likely a girl
dam that girl is a yaritza
by there is problems February 14, 2009
Amazing, Beautiful, Intelligent, Awesome, a great friend. Someone you can always depend on. She's weird, but in a good way. She keeps conversations fun. She's an awkward person, but the people she hangs around are awkward. She's just a great person overall. If you're blessed Yaritza in your life...don't lose her. She'll be there for you always and she's nothing like anyone else. She's one of a kind and irreplaceable. She's down right..amazing. Nothing can describe her sheer uniqueness. She's perfect.
Yaritza's the best person
by Foreverme1412 July 17, 2011
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