A word that grady created and trade marked, and not grant.
Yap this is the best coffee I have ever tasted!
by Footballlax33 August 25, 2014
Use to give an affirmative response
Bob: Are you going to the game tonight?
Sue: Yap!
by dragonslayer_3.14 July 15, 2014
A form of the word 'Yup' with means yes or to agree, but in this conjugation we are using the false tense. If you use the word 'yap' in a sentence, you are using sarcasm through the word, ( *Note, you can add additional 'A's if you want to use extreme sarcasm or to show you think the person that asked the question is stupid.

Person 1 - So are you coming to the movies tonight?
Person 2- Yap (or Yaaaaap), I really want to see that movie, right?
by Chris Zap March 21, 2007
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