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a type of asian food that deals with cracker sticks and chocolate or a tall glorious enchanting mesmorizing man
I saw yan yan at chinatown.
by 2xan February 10, 2010
A asian snack that were original made for asians and now being over taken by white people...It comes in a package with two compartments. One side has crakcers or cookies, and the other has chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla frosting used for dipping.
Damn man, I ran out of chocolate dipping before my Yan Yans cookies or crackers.
by Fear_Hybrid January 23, 2007
n. Someone who's very fast. Has a trouble pronouncing specific letters of the alphabet.

adj. fast; quick
Be yanyan! Or we'll be late for class!
You're so yanyan! We haven't taken up that lesson yet!

How many kilos of madang will you buy?
Are you cwazy?!
by harharharhahrharhhr November 04, 2011
n. the appearance of the same word consecutively in a sentence; the use of the same word back-to-back in a sentence

origin: my buddy's wife first and last name are identical and back to back, so it made sense to name this phrase after her
The gardner PLANTS PLANTS for a living.

The use of "plants plants" is a yan-yan.
by RAQ August 18, 2006
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