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a gorgeous, beautiful, artistic girl whos very articulate with eyes you could get lost in and a smile which could launch a thousand ships!
-hey that bitch is fine!

-yeah shes a Chelsy alright
by McGinty22 February 03, 2010
Usually blonde, amazing beautiful inside and out. If you find one she will the most loyal friend you can ever have. Her heart is bigger than the word and no one could ever hate her. She has curves like and hour glass and smarts like a dolphine.
So was so sweet, she had to be a Chelsy
by Johnny Loffeto February 04, 2010
-your average teenage white chick stalker that applys sweaters, braces, and glasses into her work

-socially awkward

-questions her purpose on earth and doesn't think she deserves the luxury a of earth
Ethan was being such a Chelsy always fallowing me
by David douglass July 21, 2016
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