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A asian snack that were original made for asians and now being over taken by white people...It comes in a package with two compartments. One side has crakcers or cookies, and the other has chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla frosting used for dipping.
Damn man, I ran out of chocolate dipping before my Yan Yans cookies or crackers.
by Fear_Hybrid January 23, 2007
An term used for asian cocks that were no bigger that a baby's pinky finger.
Josh's small ass sushi was offered at a local chinese buffet.
by Fear_Hybrid January 23, 2007
These are white people who would kill for a Yan Yan snack. They go about stealing them, taking them, buying them, and even selling their bodies for it. Its that damn good.
Sam, Christina, and Chelsy were such Yan Yan bandits, that they threw a grenade in Sean's house, which blew up, and stole his Yan Yans.
by Fear_Hybrid January 23, 2007
A asians term for homosexual, usually consists of the asian male commandering an other male's penis which satifies him.
Rob knewn a asian meat commandeer known as Josh. Josh commanded so much meat that he became famous for being a meat bandit.
by Fear_Hybrid January 23, 2007
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