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Only as cool as they come.
Hey that's so YAN!
by Yan July 09, 2003
sexy naughty bitchy
yan is so sexayyyyyy!
by yannnnnyyyyyy June 24, 2004
Optimist - The glass is half full.
Pessimist - The glass is half empty.
Yan - That glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
i dont know how to put it in an example...sorry
by raed December 31, 2003
Yan is not a verb or noun. It is a state of mind. If one is gifted enough to achieve this state of Yan, the carrier of this mind state begins to experience feelings of happiness and confusion. When these two are combined, the results can be marvelous. Be on the lookout for puppies, barneys, and illegal immigrants while in the state of Yan. Be cautious however, as overdosing on Yan is possible. In this situation the Yan becomes increasingly sloppy and is a danger to himself and anyone around him. The Yan is then more prone to getting startled. In his confusion the Yan has been known to pee in public and/or somehow end up at some afterparty with no clothes on. Do not be alarmed however as any amount of Yan will eventually wear off with time.
Comin Atcha YAN!
by VPSM May 03, 2009
the Shmexiest beast Ever! cool, outgoing, Beastly, funny, gots amazing biking skill, amazing skill of falling of the bike the PROPER way. the Craziest Russian Jew bastard you'll Ever meet.
Yan just killed that bottle of Kosher Vodka in 27.4 seconds flat.
by JewFoYou April 14, 2009
West Cumbrian term (UK) meaning 'One'
'Ere Marra, As yer got 'yan' o'these? Eh?

Excuse me friend, do you have 'one' of these?
by NeilK April 09, 2006
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