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Only as cool as they come.
Hey that's so YAN!
by Yan July 09, 2003
A private liberal arts college just like all of the others in this country where all students are eligible to minor in mountain climbing before graduation and only those who are paralyzed don't play a sport.
Big Tuition Costs + Big Hills = Rich Kids Gettin into Shape
by yan April 12, 2005
A deadly disease in Japan.
"He perished after he brought dishonor to the family, Grandfather also committed suicide afterwards, he could not take the dishonor."
by Yan February 27, 2005
a person doing something particulary stupid, although can be used to describe someone performing a 'particularry breathtaking manover'
the people on dirty sanchez are mentalists
by yan July 29, 2004
effect,sumthing caused by sumthing
Wtf,the 3D fx is so real.
by yan November 28, 2003

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