a poorly hit a golf ball that "slices" or "hooks" to the left or right
How'd you do? (referring to golf outing)

Pretty good, I had a few nice drives. I fuckin yammed one, though (meaning you messed up and hit it into the woods! lol)
by Hubbnerd June 30, 2013
Top Definition
to dunk on someone, similar to the white folk word "jammed"
"Did you just see Nate Robinson? He just YAMMED on Yao Ming!"
by Trevor Martin June 16, 2008
a vegetarian fart, with overtones of yamm and beets. undertones of brie.
"Oh hell no. I think that granola-lesbian just yammed down this aisle"
by jaek July 25, 2006
1~ To be really drunk.

2 ~ to engage in something very excessive, and need to drink excessive amounts of beer for the event.
- Aye man I was fucking yammed last night.

- We gotta get yammed up for that game.
by wojo44 April 23, 2010
Yammed: adjective. (1) the process of getting rammed and/or slammed by yamil.
that dumb trick got yammed hard last night
by bbofbb May 27, 2010
When one has just eaten nice food and is asked what food they have just eaten.
I just yammed on a bacan sandwich with bare west indian chilli sauce.
by GuerillaCity March 05, 2009
To be otherwise toasted, fried, or hit over the head with a very large textbook.
Man that teacher totally yammed us on the test.
by YAMICUS November 07, 2007
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