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a greaser, who wears tight jeans, a really tight shirt, wears a thick silver chain, has shaved or greasy hair, and looks like he's on roids. he most likely drives a yambautomobile - a suped up honda civic or similar car. oh, and he probably has a chin strap.

(c) zola de mola (2005)
jose canseco is such a yambo.

(c) zola de mola (2005)
by Zola February 28, 2005
A satirizing remark to anything considered "girlin'" or "homotional."
by Down 2 Marz November 27, 2010
Breasts, especially very big ones. Often used as a one word exclamatory, i.e. "YAMBOS!!!"
When that chick with the big tits walked by, Tony screamed out "YAMBOS!!!"
by yambo king May 14, 2006
Swahilian for "hi". Also used as a derogative term for African Americans who are very uncivilized and an all around negative for the races
Man that fucker stole my t.v., what a dirty yambo.
That yambo just spelled jello with a Q, you believe that?
by Charlie Sampson March 06, 2006
Swahili for "hi". An informal greeting.
Yambo you jolly foreign sambo
by dandelionasdabird July 27, 2005
A gang of criminal Ukrainian spammers who pretend to be a bank.
"That Egor at Yambo sure is a dirty spammer"
by KGB1 February 16, 2005
Someone who behaves in the manner of someone else's retarded pet. Usually a lousy driver.
Look at this yambo. Wherethefuckshegoing?!
by grandpa scully January 18, 2004

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