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Yale is a private college located in New Haven, CT. One of the seven Ivy Leagues, a string of East Coast colleges founded in the early 1700s including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania, it boasts a strenuous, although rewarding, academic curriculum as well as decent sports.

Yale is a very coveted college; GPAs and SAT scores are not all you need to get in, as essay-writing and extra curriculars are very important to the application. Some believe Yale takes kids of rich donor parents; however, this is somewhat untrue as Yale has a fair albeit rigorous application process though legacy has been proven to help somewhat. Very few students who attend Yale, except some on sports scholarships, have SATs under 2300; as well as few maintaining GPAs throughout high school under 3.8 or 3.9.

Yale University has a mediocre campus; the town in which Yale is located is rather barren, and up until about 1994 or '95, quite crime-riddled. Students at Yale do have the option of taking jobs at places such as Subway, etc. to earn extra money.

All in all, Yale University is a highly coveted college that is difficult to get into and stressful.
Example 1:
Julia: Do you think Hannah will get into Yale? She wants to go there really bad.
Fiona: I don't know, she said her GPA was 3.7 and her SATs were 2230.

Julia: Maybe she'll go there on a sports scholarship.
Fiona: Maybe.

Example 2:
John: Dude I'm kinda regretting the day I said OK to Yale now
Kyle: Yeah man it's really tough here. I have a 23-page-paper due on cell division and he only gave it yesterday.
John: Ouch!
by YaleUniversity January 21, 2013

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