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a cross between a yak and a sloth. it is only found in certain parts of europe generally on the swiz-france boarder. iain youd spent years pretending he was not one of their race but eventually ate his sister( a renound yak-sloth tradition) and continues to live his life as a yak sloth. they tend to have a changeable personality and any good mood can be halted by a swift kick to the groin.
steve: "hay is that a yak sloth (question mark)"

dave: "yer!"
by james flinder February 10, 2005
1. Group of incredibly stupid individuals who have collected their prank calls and other exploits for musical publication.
2. Imaginary animal said group named themselves for
1. Yaksloth is incredibly funny to listen to.
2. No one will ever know what a yaksloth looks like.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003