The most kickass semitic war-god ever to come out of the mediterranean region.
Radical Neo-Pagan Feminist: Yahweh is just another oppressive patriachal figure, an invention of the barbaric "Sky God" worshipping patriachal nomadic tribes who invaded the peaceful Earth Goddess worshipping farming communities in pre-history; in essence: a tool to hold down the divine feminine!

Yahweh: *SMOTE*
by Johnny Pseudonym November 05, 2005
yahweh was really simply gods eve... she, her, all the feminine in the bible that is why they could chant it the worship of there females and were not allowed to because it would send you mad due to god.. infact it could even be a person or woman is what i'm getting aT... the female that the male needs for perfection or anything that the biblke teaches even just lets say the law of virgin!
yahweh was god female element when he created the creatures of the world
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
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