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The hottest woman you will ever meet. CAUTION: you might spray your shorts upon laying eyes on her.
I saw Yael and BAM! I blew a load.
by Yael April 23, 2005
Hot, sweet, fun, fly, fine, life partner, a sexy mama from the block, someone you can get crunk with, the person you want to be with when you go to a gay bar, someone who has the memory the size of texas, a tasty drink, a shoulder to cry on, the best friend ever.
Dayum! Girl you lookin' so Yael!
Get yourself a Yael, you need one... BADLY.
You are such a Yael.
You are my Yael.
Would you be my Yael?
Lets get some Yael.
by Captain Seth December 20, 2008
Hard to "type" cause the more you get to know her, the more you find out how truly deep she is. Shes the girl that has enough self esteem that she doesn't need to push herself into a conversation. She can sit quietly, thinking; and the next minute be loud and funny. She doesn't speak bad about people, or say catty things. Which makes her the kind of person who - if shes having a bad day, you automatically want to give her a hug and make it better, cause you know she'd do the same for you. She makes sure to always include others, and isn't patronizing about it. But shes definitely always there for her close friends. Shes genuinely sweet and has random outbursts of funniness. This makes her a very lovable girl, whom everyone can relate to. Barely do people get mad at her, or have "drama" with her, because she doesn't push herself out there, or make a big deal about petty things. Or lie. Or exaggerate for attention. She notices everything but doesn't publicize anything. Yael's strongest point is that she's quiet enough that everyone knows shes a real, deep girl, but she has an amazing personality and zero ego about it. Definitely a keeper!
"That Yael rocks my world!"
by nicktag16 January 10, 2012
1. Heroine in the Book of Dvorah in the Jewish bible. Saves the day by murdering the villian with a tentpin through his temple.

2. Hebrew word for an animal commonly found in the middle east, similar to a gazelle- "Nubian Ibex" in English.
1. "Yael was wickedly awesome for a bible character."

2. "We saw such beautiful Yaelim while we were hiking in the Galil."
by SomeonefromGreenwichVillage March 11, 2009
An amazing friend who is a damn good dancer. This girl can really groove. Is also a qualified nerdfighter, has a soft spot for cookies, and rights cool poetry. Yael will always make you laugh, especially with her one-of-a-kind faces. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend!
yael makes really funny faces especially when she's being tasered
by apeople January 11, 2012
Going to an important interview "commando". Attempting to maintain a measure of dignity in a compromising situation while being self-conscious.
Pulling a "Yael".
by cgaaptoifrs April 06, 2011
She likes cottage cheese and enjoys eating balls for a living, her boobs are the size of uranus, she also likes to sniff your anus on her spare time :) also she really likes cottage cheese.
Yo did you see that freak yael, bruh she a nasty ;).
by ubereverywhere1234567890 May 20, 2016
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