To slam dunk a basketball
"Damn, He just yacked it on that little white boy."

"If I was taller I would be able to yack it on a 10 foot hoop."

by T-Viz February 08, 2009
The puddle left after a vile gut wrenching vomit session.
Joe was really sick and yacked all over the floor.
by Joe March 01, 2005
To throw. Used in Leicester, UK.
Yack the ball over here.
by James, James, James August 25, 2006
The coolest funniest kid. Gets beat up a lot.Gets all the ladies.
That sexy beast is such a yack.
by yack yoggleberry March 11, 2009
Thats when you get the piss smacked out of you.
You gonna keep it up till I yack you in the mouth aint you?
by Pappy Mason September 11, 2006
to take someone deep in baseball
I went yack off that guy last game.
by Brandon Ti June 11, 2007
Puting word together to the point where it has no relevence
1. Yackin it up
2. Damn I'm full of yack
3. Yo kid any yack today?
4. Fucking Nexso and his stupid yak.
by Ez13 December 04, 2006

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