to talk continuously, especially informally
All that Edward does is talk yack.

Edward: it's kinda like the idea of dog years
you know like a dog is 5, but it's actually like 30 in dog years
there should be some kind of conversion for girls to guys cause you know, girls kind of peak early
so like a 26 year old guy is like an 18 year of girl

Less yack, more work.
by #.1 August 16, 2010
The act of a man ejaculating during an orgasm.

Can be used as yacking, or yacked.
Person 1: Hey Johan, how was your date with that chick you've been talking too?

Person 2: Frank, it was deadly. She gave me a wicked blow job and I "yacked" right in her face. It was a really special night.
by frankiejames July 04, 2013
To smoke weed. Yacked- the effect after smoking weed.
Bert just LOVES to yack
by Berthalamue July 26, 2010
Omg I'm so yacked out broo.

Do you have any yack?
by blowwww February 09, 2011
Something or someone who is disgusting or nasty.
Throwing up is YACK! or This coffee taste YACK or She is YACK.
by iam2nocnt November 29, 2009
to steal
"how are we gonna get that alcohol man?"
"we'll just yack it"
by sammy rude August 17, 2009
To puck or vomit a bad dinner or drink.
I think I'm going to yack up those bad clams we just ate.
by k2aileron December 06, 2006

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