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Usually said after a sentence, sorta like "na mean" or "ya understand"
when i stepped in with my new jordans, someone asks me
"how u get those, they aint even come out yet"
"i got connections ya dig"
by dae' December 20, 2005
707 66
Basically means u get me.
- Arrr Dat Boii Is Baree Leng..Ya Dig?

- Yehh Mann!
by Shellszz September 04, 2008
147 61
To be down with something, or understand something.
Laura- "We should hang out soon. ya dig?"

Meg- "yeah, most def. :]"

by knoelle October 25, 2007
70 18
to ask if you have a full understanding of a situtation,person, place or thing. used either by itself or to end a statement
man baby block head game was sick. YADIG
by hollywood pup August 02, 2006
42 6
another way to say, "do you understand?"

created by liana
"...and that's how you do it, ya dig?"
by lmfh March 01, 2008
34 17
It means what ever you want it to mean. Fill in the blank.
Shanna, did you get the ya dig I emailed you?
by Chi Boy's big sis January 08, 2010
34 201
Chicago Made Term For "Check Me Out" or Can be replace for an Object Like Clothes
Aye! Folk I Just Bought Dis Beast Ass Fit, "Ya Dig?"(Like It)


Aye! Im Funna Bend Dis Block To Pick Up Dis Lil "Ya Dig"(Female)
by Kartune October 06, 2007
56 291