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An insult used at the end of a statement to discourage your opponent
BILL - "Peggy, Gretchen, and I had a wonderful time last night."

SOME NIGGA - "Me and "ya mom" had a wonderful time last night"
by The Wise One And The Peasents October 01, 2003
a phrase used to insult ones mother often used as a retort when a whitty come back is not available. often used between chavs.(note: dose not work on siblings)
"hey dude wat were u dooing last night u missed a slammin rave u retard"
"i was doin yamom, fuk for brains"
by jipakingawalla March 03, 2008
Usually used by townies, and common tramps called 'chantel' or 'kev' when they cant think of anything else to say!
Chantel:shurrup you
Kev:yea and ya mom!
by siobhanjones December 02, 2004
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