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actually is used alot by arabs (like me) literally means "my dear god" ya meaning my dear and allah meaning god
Ya Allah! why wont this jo-hosh leave me alone?
by arabian nights December 30, 2005
literally - oh God! Originally from Arabic, the word is used by Israeli Hebrew speakers to express something like amazed frustration.
Wife: the cat tore up the pillows again!
Me: ya allah!
by Eyal Susser July 27, 2005
An Arabic phrase meaning "my dear god." It is perhaps most commonly used by Muslim men as a warning of his presence when entering a room where there may be (non-related) Muslim women that are not properly covered in hijab. When in a Muslim household, it is customary to use this phrase. This practice is primarily common in Iran.
*knock on door* Ya allah.
by mkamalab March 18, 2008

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