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YikYak; a smartphone app in which you can chat with people around you anonymously. It's popular in college areas especially in the US.
"How's your summer class going?"
"It's so boring. I'm there on YY must of the time"
"What's YY?"
"YikYak, you don't know it? Go and check it out it's worth trying"
by AxMan(>|<) July 22, 2015
An emoticon, meaning "hands, open palms, palms over eyes".
John: Your fly is open.
Jack: I'm so ashamed y.y
by Frederick Eason April 28, 2011
acronym for "you must be pretty proud of yourself"
Sean: "I got an A on the test balla."
Jeremy: "YY"
by MarjoryStewartBaxter July 23, 2005
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