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Also known as Christina Slaguilera, although X-Tina resembles a poorly made-up drag queen, she is ACTUALLY a woman. Even when she ditched that ugly-ass weave and tried to imitate a Marilyn Monroe style (badly) she is still a rank slut with a bad attitude. still, can't argue with the fact that she can sing pretty well... unfortunately not as well as others <3
Person 1: OMG there's a rank cross-dressing fag hag with Jordan Bratman!
Person 2: It's X-Tina! She must be like an X-box all big and ugly and cheap and shit...
Person 3: No, that's just Christina Haguilera!
by John June 16, 2006
a poorly thought out nickname for christina aguilera.. christmas is xmas so she thought xtina is christina
it SHOULD be xina since its nos xtmas..
by not-you January 02, 2005
A girl who went from little pop princess to a slutty yet hot whore.

syn. Slutty Christina
Whoa that chick is an xtina! She used to be so shy...
by Mary Sue Jackson June 27, 2003
Christina puts the X in Xtina
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
xmas is to christmas, as christina is to xtina

xtina is the DIRRTiESt Girl in PoP & shes HOTT
yes, my name is christina but i like to be called 'Xtina' when i'm feeling dirrty
by Zoe April 16, 2004
She is the coolest girl in the world. Shes so awsome. She smells like a pretty flower. She is just all around an awsome person
Xtina is the coolest person.
by Xtina August 15, 2004
The name Christina.

Like you say x-mas for christmas, the x is for christ, so the x in x tina would be christ, which make christina.
"Hey christina, do you mind if i write your name x tina for short?
by Babygirl23 April 22, 2006
a person who everyone thinks is a cow slut but in the real world girl your just jealous of her looks and talent so britney look out
a pop princess turned into an r&b queen overnight
by gemma and katie September 13, 2003