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Originated as the word 'cool' typoed, but was interesting enough to actually be used on purpose. It means the same thing as cool.
That's xool!
by Psychic Jack November 09, 2003
6 8
Xool - Adj.

The COOL way to say "cool". Started as a typo and turned into much, much more.

And don't let anyone tell you that it means "xtreme cool". Because it means xool and that's all it means.
"Guiseppi, that's one xool idea."
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004
31 11
Something so cool you are drooling. Hence the slur sound made by x.
Example: "He was so fuckin xool I wanted to jump him."
by ajjd September 11, 2008
3 6
Other word for 'cool'
When you talk to someone on the internet, instead of 'cool', you say 'xool'.
'Hey man he's xool!'
'You're a xool guy'
by Nanda October 16, 2004
4 8
Alternate spelling for cool. Superioer compared to its other spellings.
That car is xool.
by Alex Bauer May 21, 2003
5 10
Originally a typo for "cool." Originated by Phamy, or Phil and Amy, in 2003. Unfortunately they didn't know other people used this word or were stupid enough to say it.
That movie was xool! Wasn't it Phamy?!
by Phil September 01, 2004
6 16