A place which has been invaded by 9-year-olds who are ultra-Master Chief fans and sound like Chipmunks, speak non-stop, rap, call people niggers for whopping 'em, sing, say brainless, retarded things about your mum, curse like sailors and like to they're "de best on de whole XBL" but get whopped all the time. but everyone else is OK.
(please note that not all 9-year-olds are like this, thank the lord)
idiot 9-year-old: PWNED U!

teen: "Kills 9-year-old with no effort what so ever"


teen: Yes, we know you're a little retard, now STFU and reach puberty.


teen: Fuck off XBOX live and get a life, when I was your age I had a PS1 and a portable-TV and couldn't believe how lucky I was, kids of the '90s got out more. Oh I pity the kids of the 2000's, I really do.

idiot little kid: FUK U! I DIDN'T ASK 4 UR FUKING LIFE STORY!

teen: And I didn't ask a little retarded baby like yourself to come on XBOX live, fuck off and speak to me when your balls drop.

idiot little kid: FUK U CU..! "teen blocks 9-year-old and files a negative review and complaint against him"
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall August 09, 2009
Top Definition
Playing games online is fun.. but if you have children in your game. it turns out to be the "World Rapping Contest"
Little billy was rapping on the mic.
So, i cut out his esophagus.. and hung him with it
by prince pwnage March 15, 2004
The only place where white people can say the N-word ad nauseum without being immediately set upon by an angry mob and beaten to death.
*On XBox Live*

annoying xbox kid- You nigger!


*In Real Life*

annoying xbox kid- You nigger!

annoying xbox kid is immediatly set upon by an angry mob of young black men and beaten to death.
by billyoh March 19, 2009
A place where Americans and Brits argue each other for a monthly fee

(not me btw i have american and british friends)
Xbox Live conversation on COD

American - OMG u nooby british faggot!

Brit - STFU twat!

American - Submitting bad player review!

Brit - Filing complaint!
by baddham May 30, 2009
Microsoft's online gaming service for their console system the "Xbox." Living up to it's title "the best online gaming service," Xbox Live offers a variety of games including Counter Strike, Rainbow Six 3 and Halo 2. It offers clan services, a friends list, messaging system, a voice-headset communicator, online alerts and more. You can play with anyone from just about anywhere around the world.

It does have it's ups and downs. There are some Xbox Live gamers who act immaturely, but they can easily be overlooked. Thanks to the muting system, you can mute that kid who sings everytime he talks. (Then again, you can just tell him to shut up.) Xbox Live really allows Xbox owners to get the most out of their games.
Joe: I just killed you on Halo 2 last night. Do you know what that means, Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, a deal is a deal, and if it must be so then I will put on a ballerina's tu-tu and sing twinkle-twinkle little star into my webcam. Then I will send the video to everybody I know thus putting me in the middle of a humilation frenzy.
by Mehro November 08, 2004
The kickass internet service by microsoft for Xbox
I played Xbox Live yesterday and kicked Bogforce's ass.
by David Lewis December 29, 2003
An Internet service offered by Microsoft for their Xbox video game system, for the sake of being able to play their Xbox games online. Comes with a microphone so that you can speak to the other people you are playing with.
Sadly, most Xbox owners are not used to being able to talk to their opponents like PC gamers are. Hence the majority of the conversation that goes on often consists of "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! SHOOT THE FUCKING GUY!!!"
by Seer-of-Shadows May 19, 2004
aka the sun cult. A great way to make friends and have fun with your friends playing games online but eventually devolves into a giant nerdy circle jerk.
Little Bobby (Before Xbox Live)- Fresh air is great. I love my family. I love my dog and life.

Litte Bobby (2 Weeks into Xbox Live)- I still love my family. This acne is getting bad. I kind of don't like life. Girls don't go for me.

Little Bobby (1 Month in)- ZOMG! I'm a level 3332423434 prestige on COD 4 and yesterday I jizzed in a master chief helmet with all my buds from Xbox Live. I love nico bellic and worship him as my messiah. I haven't heard a girls voice in years. Life fucks and sucks. What the fuck is grass? Oh yeah, I hate my family and fresh air. Also I had to kill my dog for food because the hot pockets ran out. I shit in a pan because I can't miss a moment of this Left 4 Dead round. "splooges all over collector's copy of Saints Row 2"
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
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