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5 definitions by STTDWG

Great online service, with practically 99% uptime.
Too bad Halo 2 is the only game played on XBL at the time. Also flooded with queerbags who talk smack who are protected behind their TV screen, and who don't have the balls to speak such insults face to face.
xbox live

8 Year Old Boy who Gets his Ass Beat Everyday at School: "You fukn nucka, you suck! I'm going to kill you!"

Me:*hits mute button
by STTDWG February 22, 2007
Extremely dry and damaged hair due to continuous exposure to chlorine and extended hours in the pool. Sometimes even green because of the chlorine.
Mike had such bad swimmer's hair that it felt like hay.
by sttdwg January 04, 2008
Translates to "Fuck You" in English.
She told me "JEBISE!"
by STTDWG January 22, 2007
A bitch call is used to refer to somebody who calls and lets the phone ring once, then hangs up. Therefore, it seems they tried reaching them and therefore care. Usually, a bitch call is used so the other person has to call them back. Or an excuse such as "I tried calling you." is used.
Oh, I missed a call from my girlfriend!

No, you just got bitch called.
by STTDWG March 13, 2008
Hardcore For Life!

Hardcore defines the best trance music ever!
"You hear that new Angerfist?"
by sttdwg February 24, 2008