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16 definitions by el hombre 123

A great fucking decade. There was the classic old dial up internet, good cartoons, movies, music, sex, drugs, culture, tv, etc. Typically considered the hangover of the party 80's, but if the 90s was a hangover then I'd get drunk every night just to get a hangover.
Example 1:

From good nickelodeon and cartoon network to Austin Powers to Oasis to the pre 9/11 NYC and world in general, the 90's were the last great years in history.

Example 2:

Greatest things about the 1990s:

by el hombre 123 June 25, 2009
aka the sun cult. A great way to make friends and have fun with your friends playing games online but eventually devolves into a giant nerdy circle jerk.
Little Bobby (Before Xbox Live)- Fresh air is great. I love my family. I love my dog and life.

Litte Bobby (2 Weeks into Xbox Live)- I still love my family. This acne is getting bad. I kind of don't like life. Girls don't go for me.

Little Bobby (1 Month in)- ZOMG! I'm a level 3332423434 prestige on COD 4 and yesterday I jizzed in a master chief helmet with all my buds from Xbox Live. I love nico bellic and worship him as my messiah. I haven't heard a girls voice in years. Life fucks and sucks. What the fuck is grass? Oh yeah, I hate my family and fresh air. Also I had to kill my dog for food because the hot pockets ran out. I shit in a pan because I can't miss a moment of this Left 4 Dead round. "splooges all over collector's copy of Saints Row 2"
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
an acting great who was huge in the 80s with hits like Diner and Barfly, crapped out in the 1990s after quitting acting for boxing, did Sin City reprising his movie villian speciality, and acted his heart out in the 2008 movie, "The Wrestler". He played a heartbreaking character named Randy "The Ram" Robinson, whose story resembles his own, gave the performance of a lifetime and was recognized for it.
Example 1: Mickey Rourke deserved the Oscar for best actor, he raped in that movie!

Example 2:

dude who doesn't like mickey rourke: Mickey Rourke blows!

Mickey Rourke- (kicks dudes ass)
by el hombre 123 June 25, 2009
a troubled time for america and the world, a good time for music and culture, and the decade every older music fan and every younger wannabe pines for.
ex 1-

dude 1- Hey Jimi Hendrix was the greatest music icon of the 60s!

dude 2- damn fucking straight.

ex 2.-

14 year old wearing The Who t-shirt- Yeah the 60s mofo!!! That's my shiznit.

actually guy who lived through the 60s- Fuck off you punkling.
by el hombre 123 July 08, 2009
as written above, a bullshit term coined by the lead douchebag of Quiet Riot in 2000. Basically he was referring to the suckiness of the 1990s with hopes that the 2000s would be much better. Turns out he was wrong twice. The 2000s are nothing to jizz in your pants over with the death of good tv and such, and as it turns out the 1990s were amazing. He was just pissed because his undeserved glam metal crap fame and manic partying died out in the 90s and he finally had to face reality and try to make music and not snort cocaine. He wasn't able to adapt as alt rock swallowed the sorry existance of glam metal. Bottom line is he was angry that he failed at life.
Dude 1- wow! Kevin DuBrow just said the 90s sucked and called it the fucking PC 90s. He's so insightful, maybe the 21 century will be better!

Dude 2- Sike! The 90s were great and this guy is better because his ill-deserved success and wild partying both burntout during the decade. His alcoholism and stupidity caught up with him in the decade when reality came back to bite him in the ass/\.
by el hombre 123 June 30, 2009
like every other kind of rot like crotchrot but with your head. Its when your up at 3 AM playing addicting games or reading celebrity twitters or watching terribly unintentionally hilarious pron. Basically, mindrot is doing something crushingly stupid while your mind slowly melts and all of your intelligence bleeds out of your ears.
Me- Yo, I was just so high, I decided to go on youtube and watch parkour accidents! Its was awesome but it was total fuckin mindrot.

My Friend- Dude you need a chick.

Me- Yeah real bad, fapping gets old.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
Jack Black and Kyle Gass' fucking amazing song and also a cry for help for women victimized by dudes who try to imitate porn stars going light speed in bed while failing miserably. THEN you fuck her hard.

(look at the lyrics from the definition above they're fucking hilarious)
Me & Everyone with a brain- Tenacious D and that song Fuck Her Gently fucking rock harder than anything in history.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009