Just like EasyJournal, LiveJournal, or any other place to blog.. and don't hate on it, because I don't TyPe LyKe DiS at all, or say R3PR3S3NT!!! hell no...
"My Xanga is at radhika_raman..."
by sdsgjkano April 11, 2004
The bottom of the barrel of blogs. It's incredible that the user base is able to write so much, yet say so little. I have to give a bit of kudos though, considering the fact that many of the users have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes.
This definition is dedicated to Xanga, the other Livejournal ... or is that Myspace?
by King Raysel January 23, 2006
an emotional outcry by lonely teens who have no life, and for some reason want to write all about how they have no life on the internet so everyone will know.
when i am bored as fuck i will read losers xangas or urbandictionary.
wow, so no one left me a message today on my xanga, i think im going to kill myself
by h-bomb April 01, 2005
another personal blog website. usually sometimes decorated with pretty HTML..there are blogring and createblog which helps you with your layout...

and not everyone go like TaLk LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE tHiS iS FrIgGiN aNnOyiNg!! and only a small portion of people talk mad stupid... -_- although sometimes those people drive me insane...and those who beg for html..
person: OMG I LOVE YOUR XANGA! hitt me up wit sOme pr0pss becuZ i l0v3 yours! LOL LOL caN i PLEASE pLeAsSeEee HAVE yoUr MuSicC coDeE??

me: (0 eprops)
by jessie August 10, 2004
a page where most teenage girls make you sick with their exclamations
you are not your fucken xanga page
by rose January 15, 2004
a source of worry... for some.
Is anyone actually reading my Xanga blog, or am I just writing it for myself?
by Saya November 09, 2003
Xanga is a web log community, or blog, for people too stupid or lazy to learn html and make a real website. Then they put pictures of them and their friends or their pet as a profile picture, then say their main interest is God and tell us about their boring Christian life in a preppy-fad way.
Jane - "You so tottally have to check out my xanga!"

Judy - "OKAY!!"

On the blog ---

OMG so today i was reallee mad at dis boi for punching me in da face da toher day! i am sfp i tonite am going to his house and sh00ting him, whtih a water pistle of course! lol well i gots 2 go feed my kitty! byez (#__#)
by master stghm January 23, 2005

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