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Large, pendulous breasts.
Look at the dugs on that old bat!
by Odovaucer December 29, 2004
One of the myriad sites that allow semi-literates to express themselves for all the internet to see. Generally xanga is considered worse than livejournal, deadjournal, etc. because of the absolutely atrocious design and the greater density of idiots. Not that the other sites are overflowing with intellectuals.
OMG I wUz liEk toTaliE reeDigN uR lj an i wuZ lieK get a xaGNa.
by Odovaucer April 25, 2004
A series of seven jpegs stored on the crazyninjas.org/kittens website: They are collages of the most erotic imagery on the internet with anti-leeching warnings on them in large red font.
I saw the pain series and now I'm scarred for life.
by Odovaucer November 17, 2003
Cunnilingus performed while a woman is menstruating.
Mike likes to rainbow kiss Lauren.
by Odovaucer November 17, 2003
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