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8 definitions by boobies

A person that that sucks dick while figering their asshole at the same time.
I saw that cockchugging assdigger doing some nasty shit in a gay porn movie.
by boobies March 12, 2004
Funny way to describe jacking off.
Jay got caught punchin' the munchkin in the bathroom.
by boobies March 13, 2004
An awesome song by Led Zeppelin originally realeased on the Led Zeppelin IV (zoso.
Been a long time since a rock 'n' rolled!
by boobies March 12, 2004
A female hottie who works at McDonald's.
My McChick brough me free McNuggets.
by Boobies December 09, 2003
Synonym for pullin' your pork.
My mom caught me pettin' the one-eyed snake last night. So embarassing!
by boobies March 13, 2004
The white trash of all online diaries.
I got a Xanga for a while but it sucked so much ass i went back to Livejournal.
by boobies February 27, 2005
The reason UK is stereotyped the way it is.
by boobies April 09, 2003