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A long thin pill that is used for antianxiety treatment, and/or for people with bad nerve problems. It has four sections, and is basically just four xanax per pill or "bar".

Most people take half to four of these at a time with alcohol. It tremendously increases the effects of alcohol, and most people have a huge amount of memory loss the next after taking it. They are not able to remember much of what happened or what they did the night before.
We're gonna get loaded tonight bro, I got 12 Xanbars and 2 cases of beer.
by Matt September 10, 2004
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a benzodiazapine used for anxiety and insomnia. one xanax relaxes your muscles and makes you feel tipsy. xanbar is the equivalent of FOUR XANAX. usually accompanied by alcohol which makes for a nice clean DRUNK, but usually results in extreme memory loss and negative recollection of the prior day's events.
If it weren't for the ridiculously strong effects of xanbar, I would've never drunkenly hooked up with that guy at Carina's surprise birthday party a year ago.
That guy is now my lovely boyfriend.
by mindonga January 25, 2009
In the hood it is called handlebars and people from the country call it zansabar
Try the new yellow ones....
by dashocka February 03, 2005

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