added to the end of any word or used alone to enhance you speech
this is gsX0r you X0r nut
by James Bao May 18, 2003
Top Definition
A suffix that enhances the 1337ness of a word or statement. Common -x0r words are h4x0r, sux0r, fux0r, r0x0r, b0x0r, c0x0r, dix0r, jox0r, and sex0r. Any word that ends with a -cks sound can easily adopt the -x0r ending. See also z0r, the similar suffix used for words that do not have the -cks ending. (pwnz0r, etc.)
- omg!!!!1111111oneone i am t3h h4x0r
- wtf u sux0r
- my gf sux0red my c0x0r last night
- d00d u totally r0x0r my b0x0rz
- fux0r! windoze crashed and i lost meh file!
by no_one_2000 January 21, 2005
A substitution for the suffix "-ck". eg, hax0r, fux0r, chix0r, sux0r.

When using the x0r construct, the "-er" suffix becomes superfluous. Hence, "hacker" does not become hax0rer; rather, the terminal -er is dropped.
d00d, if i was a better hax0r, that chix0r would sux0r my dix0r.
by Mike Oxlong June 16, 2003
Hax0r, Hacker, Haquer, Badass
j0 r 4 uber 1337 'x0r!
by ragecage December 01, 2003
In mid-90s hacker slang, a common superfluous ending to certain verbs: hax0r (or h4x0r), sex0r (or s3x0r), fux0r. Can be combined with other endings: fux0red.
j00 juss g0t h4x0r3d b1atch, ph33r my l33tness!
by LudwigVan December 07, 2003
a suffix to add to virtually any word, thus hightening that word's potency or stressing its coolness.
"yea, i am going to the mallx0r"
by guthmog May 03, 2003
a friggin thing that friggin nerds put after anything that ends in a cks.if you say it, you probably dont have a friggin life. no one says it, so dont.
nerd:"omfg i m so 1337 cuz i r a haX0r and u r a n00b."
Connor:*puts nerd in a headlock*"NO!"
by qwertyuvcdr67duiytkufyds March 18, 2008
A suffix, commonly used in leetspeak that takes place of the "-er" suffix.
Kevin is a hax0r.
(Kevin is a hacker.)
by ReversEngineer May 15, 2003

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