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Stemming from the radiography profession. The term x-rape refers to the act of x-raying a person who is, in a state of unconsciousness, unable to consent or just generally unaware of being x-rayed.
It should be noted that even though the patient is unable to consent to the examination, typically a chest x-ray, it is always done in the best interest of the patient.
Last night I x-raped five patients and two of them were men.
by FeelmyUno May 04, 2010
The act of undressing a person with one's eyes while simultaneously imagining oneself involved in highly acrobatic sexual activty with the aforementioned person;visual rape
Though Clark Kent and Lois Lane were the closest of colleagues, his depraved and highly erotic X-rape drove a wedge between their friendship.
by El Koofi Jr January 31, 2009