It a term for downloading porn off the internet.
John been downloading x-files from Kazaa.
by dietcoke December 12, 2004
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probably the best show ever made. Includes Fox Willaim Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully who over nine years, battle through paranormal unsolved cases and fall in love.
I love X-files because it is the best show ever.
by Insidesource November 06, 2005
A show that used to be on t.v about a man named Fox Mulder who when he was 10 years old had his 8 year old sister abducted by aliens in his living room and since then he has always been trying to prove the existance of extraterrestrial life on earth and/or the universe. When the series began Agent Mulder was already in a position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was working in a section called the 'X-files' which investigated into the paranormal. An agent named Dana Scully was assigned to the 'X-files' along with agent Mulder to help him with his work, but at first it was thought by Agent Mulder that she was there to spy on and to debunk his work, but over time he began to trust her and they became close. The show ran for 9 seasons on t.v and was quite popular with cyberpunks and paranoid people.
"Dude, did you see the final of the X-files? I watched that show for 9 years just to find out that cigerte smoking man's name, and they didn't even tell say. What a rip-off!"
by Matt[O] September 10, 2005
A slang term derived from a 1990's television show. Its meant to denote something as overtly "strange" or "weird."
John: look at that bug
George: man thats some X-Files shit or something
by crazydiamond986 October 11, 2007
A pioneering work of Science Fiction and one of the longest running TV series ever. It revolves around the lives and work of FBI agents Fox Mulder, a conspiracy theorist and believer in aliens, and Dana Scully, a non-practicing doctor who is often exasperated by Mulder's paranoia. The two agents are assigned to cases involving the unexplainable and the paranormal. Episodes have involved the whole gamut of plot themes, from Time Travel to Shapeshifting to Ancient Jewish Mysticism. Part of the show's allure is that the episodes rarely have what can be considered a "happy" ending, but one that does usually bring closure to that particular case.
The theme music for the X-Files is so creepy!
by Taylor Esformes May 17, 2005
A term used to describe a freakish, unexplainable event often relating to the paranormal.
I swear there were aliens in my room last night...this must really be an X File!
by 42 March 04, 2005
1. An X-File is an FBI case designated "unsolved"
2. A case dealing with the Paranormal or unkown
"A X-File has been opened into Aliens"
by pooper agent September 17, 2006
When you are out on a date with someone.
Everything is fine then the discussion suddenly turns and your starts airing all the laundry of all their previous ex's because they are not quite over her last long string of ex's.

By the end of the date your are feeling like yup I am better being single...
The date: Yeah my last boyfriend/girlfriend did that and yeah you look like you are like all the rest.

me: Look I am out on a date I don't need to hear about your string of x-files...
by Maple Backwoods February 13, 2013

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