When you are out on a date with someone.
Everything is fine then the discussion suddenly turns and your starts airing all the laundry of all their previous ex's because they are not quite over her last long string of ex's.

By the end of the date your are feeling like yup I am better being single...
The date: Yeah my last boyfriend/girlfriend did that and yeah you look like you are like all the rest.

me: Look I am out on a date I don't need to hear about your string of x-files...
by Maple Backwoods February 13, 2013
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a show that used to be shown on Fox but then got canceled about two FBI agents named Mulder and Skully who work on the X-files (unexplained cases).
Mort: Watt r u watching?
Xhu: X-files
by Xhu March 28, 2005
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1. A term used to describe a convicted child molester that has been released from prison.

2. A popular television show in the 90's about 2 FBI agents investigating the paranormal.
That X-File is just going to molest more kids, he should have been killed in prison.
by fatso December 10, 2004
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A show that all white people whatch or have watched at least once in there life although the hardest case for mulder and scully would be to find a black guy or someone who isnt white that watches thier show
Did you watch the X-files the other day ?
No man im not white
by Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back December 02, 2006
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It a term for downloading porn off the internet.
John been downloading x-files from Kazaa.
by dietcoke December 12, 2004
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