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I'm from Brooklyn and I've been to wyandanch, and to be honest, it's not really all that hood. It's poor, but it's definately not the hood. First of all it's in suffolk county, and I don't consider suffolk county hood at all. It's way too suburban. Plus there are towns that are way more hood in nassau like hempstead and roosevelt. And nassau is way more urban than suffolk county.
Terrel:Is there a place I can move on long island that is still the hood and not so suburban.
Tyrell:well definatley don't move to wydanch, you should move to roosevelt or hempstead. Even uniondale would be better.
by TreyKwon September 09, 2007
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a ghetto on long island also known as crimedanch what the fuck out son
wydanch is where you get shot son ms13 rep
by bobbybrown March 04, 2005

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