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The best girls there are. Them and hispanic women. Because they have color, rhythm and they actually have full figures, which means titty's and ass. Most white girls don't have ass. All of them don't have color, because you're not a colored person just because you get a tan for all you retards out there. And most, I'm not saying all, but most don't have rhythm.
White Boy: Man! me and my girlfriend fucked last night but she didn't have enough cushion for the ushion.

Black Boy: You should try Black Girls fam, they have titty's and ass.

White Boy: Thinks black kid you're right. "Hyde, we're thew" "What's up Janiqua, wanna come to my apartment"
by TreyKwon September 07, 2007
I'm from Brooklyn and I've been to wyandanch, and to be honest, it's not really all that hood. It's poor, but it's definately not the hood. First of all it's in suffolk county, and I don't consider suffolk county hood at all. It's way too suburban. Plus there are towns that are way more hood in nassau like hempstead and roosevelt. And nassau is way more urban than suffolk county.
Terrel:Is there a place I can move on long island that is still the hood and not so suburban.
Tyrell:well definatley don't move to wydanch, you should move to roosevelt or hempstead. Even uniondale would be better.
by TreyKwon September 09, 2007
An Island right outside of NYC. It consist of yes Brooklyn and Queens, but it is better known for Nassau and Suffolk. Nassau has a higher crime rate than suffolk. Suffolk has many beaches, but is too suburban and in my opinion boring to live. Wyandanch in Suffolk County, is yes poor but DEFINATLEY not the hood. But places in Nassau tend to to be more Urban and more hood. Not as hood as places in NYC, but for Long Island these are definatley hoods. Roosevelt, Hempstead, and Freeport. And that's about it. Roosevelt known for one of America's most famous rap groups Public Enemy, which is well known and respected. Also the famous doctor J. Though Hempstead and Freeport are the hood, Roosevelt is one of the only full black communtiy's on Long Isalnd, and a little hispanic.
I don't feel like giving an example, so I'll just put the word in so they'll accept it. Long Island.
by TreyKwon September 21, 2007
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