What Would Riggins Do? Referring to how the superstar Tim Riggins would act if put in the same situation. Tim is a character from the great tv show 'Friday Night Lights'.
Jono: "I dunno if the reds will get up over the potters eh child."
Rich: "WWRD."
Jono: "True, true. He'd flag the game and hit the pub. C'mon let's go."
by Bent Gidley May 17, 2011
Top Definition
Stands for "What would Riggins do?"

This is the question one should ask themself when they are having issues especially girl problems. Made popular by the tv show "Friday Night Lights." Riggins is the ladies man of the show.
I wasn't going to do anything but then I asked myself WWRD and made out with her.
by bsass July 21, 2008
A phrase coined by the ultra-conservative think tank "The Heritage Foundation" that stands for "What Would Reagan Do?"

What is ironic about this is that the neocons always claim that liberals think Obama is the Messiah, yet they actually treat Reagan like a messiah by replacing Jesus's name with "Reagan."
"The "What would Reagan do?" slogan (often abbreviated as "WWRD") recently took off like wildfire across the right-wing Web. Wingnut bloggers pontificate on the subject and online merchants peddle WWRD T-shirts and other products."
-Marc McDonald
by Independentator October 15, 2010
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