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What Would Picard Do (reference to the captain on "Star Trek - The Next Generation")

Said whenever the answer is obvious
Q: "I'm having a hard time deciding whether to invade IRAQ - what do you think?"

A: "WWPD?"
by MaggiePixel December 18, 2005
An acronym for "What Would Patrick Do". Patrick being "Patrick Star" from spongebob. One would refer to this phrase if one were to become unsure of something.
Joe: Hey Mike, should I buy those new Subs for my car, or should I save up and get something else?

Mike: I don't know. WWPD? (what would Patrick do)
by Bitch Ass Niggas Be Trippin September 25, 2014
The definitionis simple what would patrick do, patrick the mildly depressed random kid ussally says, cats dix or ok, and no u
AJ: Dude this chick asked me out idk what to do
Chance: just remember W.W.P.D.
by joetamili November 23, 2009
"What Would Peter Do?"
This is a refrence to the HEROES character, Peter Patrelli.
"Agh, my brother is being stupid again, what do you think I should do?"

"Just think, WWPD?"
by Bub Allie May 24, 2007
What Would Precious Do?

A question we should ask ourselves when we are facing a dilemma. Referring to the movie "Precious" of course. She faced a very difficult life and i am still scarred from watching it but nevertheless, WWPD?
"My dad touched me inappropriately, what do i do?"

"Wow, that is terrible, im so sorry! ive never really experienced that but i have one piece of advice for you...WWPD?"
by This one's for Joy! April 30, 2010
What Would Paris Do?

Usually said when the question is something Paris Hilton WOULD do.
Ashley: Should we go out clubbing on a Monday night?

Gabrielle: WWPD?
by brookecaution™ June 08, 2007
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