What Would I Like to Fuck?

A amalgamation of "What Would Jesus Do?" and "Mother I'd Like to Fuck". Could also be "Who Would I Like to Fuck?" or "What Wouldn't I Like to Fuck?"
Hmmm... a 6' tall blonde with big tits, or a chunky Canadian with herpes... WWILF?
by loosenut May 24, 2007
Top Definition
short for: What Was I Looking For?

Pronounced: wilf

People get bored and search random things on the internet for hours on end.
dude1: dude, what are you doing man?
Dude2: dude, i'm such a wwilf... i've been on Google 2 days now...
by YourCurrentObsession April 10, 2007
Acronym for "What Would I Like to F*ck"? Existential query particular to internet pornography addicts, who have looked at so many lewd images that they no longer have any clue whatsoever about what constitutes an appropriate urge. (See punt-f*cker).

Derived by variation from MILF.
WWILF, Brad imagined IM'ing himsef, as he typed in the keywords for his favorite xxx sites.
by JeepieJeepie May 28, 2007
Stands for White Women I Would Like To Fuck,

Similar to milf,tilf or gmilf
Yo dogg, check that wwilf!
by SilentBobFTW May 25, 2007
Were Wolf I'd Like to Fuck
Wow, this is a great monster movie!!
Yeah, that's one WWILF attacking the village.
by gar4ett May 24, 2007
Wide woman I'd love to fuck
Rosie O'Donnell is a total wwilf!
by chris bark May 24, 2007
"Wonder Woman I'd Like (to) Fuck"

Our favorite Marvel super hero is one hot babe. This is an extension of the milf terminology, where ilf stands for "I'd Like (to) Fuck".
Man, look at that chick with the star on her head, she's totally a WWILF.
by onlyfly May 24, 2007
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