What Would Hitler Do.
nazi mom: eat your vegetables!
child: why?
nazi mom: do you want to grow up and be like Hitler?
child: yes..
nazi mom: then think, wwhd?
child: baijs! jævla dritt mamma.. i know, i know, i'll eat it.
by diddio September 09, 2006
wwhd - What would Hank do?

Which refers to the fictional charater "Hank Moody" from the TV series Californication. He is one of the last gentleman on earth and loves and respects women of all kind.
A: Argh I could §$%& this scheming bitch!
B: Dude! wwhd!
A: Well....you're right
by Big "The Dude" Daddy October 29, 2009
What would Hans do?

Fail of course.
It stands for What Would Hans Do(WWHD). The Fail just explains what he would do.
by Martin Cama November 29, 2010
In times of need there is only one question any self respecting man need ask himself: What would HOBBERS do?

Hobbers is a Guru of all things marketing.
Charles Day takes ages to do a Timing Plan - WWHD?

by Michael Bentley June 05, 2007
similar to wwjd, except it is used to remind oneself of the most selfish possible course of action when faced with a moral delimma.
Hmmmm, should I stay late and finish all my work or should I go home early and leave it all for someone else to do?

WWHD? I'm outta here!! (see yabba)
by fred funk April 11, 2005

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