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"What Would Gibbs Do" from the TV show "NCIS". When stuck in a situation that you don't know what to do, use this instead of "What Would Jesus Do"
"What should I do know?"
"I don't know...WWGD?"
by Chelsea J October 08, 2006
When in a situation that only Special Agent Gibbs from NCIS could escape from, one says: WWGD?
*In a situation where a psychotic man-hunter is chasing after you*

by Only one bored peep now October 02, 2009
What Would Google Do?
Given the Google mantra of "Don't Be Evil", perhaps in the future many businesses will be asking themselves WWGD?
by Chowned March 02, 2009
Stnds for "What Would Gepetto Do?
Homer: "At times like this, i look at my bracelet, wordWWJD"
Lisa: "Your right dad, What would Jesus Do?"
Homer: "Jesus? I thought it meant what would Gepetto do?"
by eden5900 September 05, 2003
What Would Ghandi Do?
Karl: Should we buy Fair Trade gifts or sweat shopped gifts this year for Christmas?
Chuck: WWGD?
Karl: You're right, Fair Trade it is!!!
by pinheadpaperboy December 09, 2009
the Acronym for

What Would Godzilla Do
Q: what would you do if...

A: the real question is WWGD?
by ReptarWasTakenSoIPickedThis April 12, 2010

a new text speech to express the thinking of LADY GAGA..use it everytime you r in doubt
-should i drink more beer?

- give me two more !
by mrdarkengel May 15, 2010

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