The World Wrestling Federation before those tree rootin hippies made them change their names.
Those hippies can stick their name and weed up their asses.
Hippy:"Um ur honor, um we want the WWF's name changed cos its like ours"
The Rock:"You think that should happen judge?"
Judge:"Well ye"
The Rock:"It doesn't matter what u think, ya gebrony!"
by Secret wrestling fan November 22, 2005
Top Definition
1. World Wrestling Federation
2. World Wildlife Fund

Two organisations which may be parallel opposites, although there are certain similarities...
1.Dude! Did you see WWF last night? The Big Show totally made Tajiri extinct!

2. Newsreporter: The last Panda on Earth was killed last Friday Night when a rock mysteriously smashed it in the face. The Rock killed the last ever panda.

Morris McGinty, UTV Live, PandaLand.
by Beller October 15, 2005
A place where you adopt an animal to help its habitat and all you get is a t-shirt
I adopted a polar bear through the WWF. It has a fight against the undertaker next week
by Abdelbasset Ali Al Megrahi September 07, 2009
world wildlife fund...screw the damn pandas
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
WWF was the leading wrestling federation in the United States until the World Wildlife Foundation made them change the name to WWE because they have stupid hair.
"The Word Wildlife Foundation sucks!"
by Joe Tamone March 08, 2005
World Wildlife Fags. Also known as the Worldwide Fags for Nature. A company commonly known for claiming to be an entirely non-profit organisation dedicated to saving the environment and the animals that live in it;

These are the World Wildlife Fags. A company that is actually an entirely profit-based organisation dedicated to ignoring the environment and the animals that live in it so they can keep the real animals alive - commonly known as the Domesticated Fat Cat.
1. "The World Wildlife Fags are suing a wrestling company now - I guess those Fat Cats are getting hungry!"

2. "The World Wildlife Fags only care about money, they don't care about anything else."
by Yari Wildheart September 26, 2004
Screw World Wildlife Foundation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Wildlife Foundation STOLE The Name WWF !!!!!!!!!!


The World Wild Life Foundation Should Change Their Name !!!!
The World Wildlife Foundation Is NOT The Real wwf
by Kane 22 October 04, 2005
wwf was a wrestling company untill those stupid hippies stole there name.
the hippies should have cahnged there name.
the wwf had money money and more fans.
and now the wwe is still kicking those hippies ass's.
hippie: we want to keep our name because we love the world and everything in it.
the rock: oh shut the hell up the poor fucks.
judge: i give the initials to the world wildlife find because i am a softcock who doesnt like swearing.
by the rock February 04, 2005

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