World Wildlife Fund
why are you talking about wrestling in the wwf chat room?
by maureen lewis April 21, 2004
The World Wrestling Federation before those tree rootin hippies made them change their names.
Those hippies can stick their name and weed up their asses.
Hippy:"Um ur honor, um we want the WWF's name changed cos its like ours"
The Rock:"You think that should happen judge?"
Judge:"Well ye"
The Rock:"It doesn't matter what u think, ya gebrony!"
by Secret wrestling fan November 22, 2005
When a female has a willy wide flat ass. It is so horrendous to look at it gives you the willies.
Damn that ass gives me the willies it is so wide and flat. Yeah it's a straight W.W.F fohsho.
by C.G. Santa Monica November 14, 2009
words with friends... the popular app for the iphone and itouch
Its your play in WWF.
by dc5show February 24, 2010
Abbreviation for the mobile phone app "Words With Friends".
Dude, I totally kicked your ass in WWF. A nigga got vocab.
by Moshier Boy March 01, 2011
short definition for "world wide fuck"
usually used with an exclamation mark at the end to show strong feeling
what in the WWF is going on in here?
by Joshua4895126567 June 01, 2005
1.) A common misnomer for WTF (Why Try, Fuckers?), WWF is about as real and tough as a fairy princess.

Every action that has ever taken place is scripted and performed by underpaid actors. They use people with real backgrounds to create a facade of realism, when in fact it's completely fake.

When's the last time you've seen a person shrug off a piledriver?

Last year, in a start-of-the-year Greco-Roman Wrestling match, a newbie performed a piledriver on a three-year veteran (who by the way was 6'2" more conditioned than most WWF/WWE fighters have ever been,) and broke the veteran's sternum, sending him to the hospital for two weeks. And yet these men can take all those hits, then come back a week later for a rematch. I don't know about you, but Rhino doesn't look like he can fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes, and grow weak near shiny rocks.

"Dude, have you watched WWF lately? Last week's episode was killer! You should have seen Sting!"

"...Look. You're wasting your time watching that show. Honestly, I'd rather watch Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - it's more realistic."
by Syxx Styles September 01, 2008

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