The most well known sports entertainment fed (yes even though it is now a real sport it is still a fed). Because of the WWE everyone knows that wrestling is fake (yes the WWE let everyone know that wrestling is fake and changed wrestling so everyone would realize it). You smart asses who think you could actually last five seconds with anyone of its competitors because it is fake tell that to Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, or Rey Mysterio. Its active compettitors include heavyweights, cruiserweights (the little guys), and women.
Wrestling haters can kiss my smart ass.
A soap opera for repressed homosexual rednecks. Consists of overweight men in tight spandex with huge bulges role-playing, trying to 'wrestle' each other, and getting all melodramatic. Yeah thats not blatantly gay...
by cmdrmonkey September 05, 2003
The best entertainement in the world. I know it's fake and just a show, but it's the best show i know. It used to be WWF (World Wrestling Federation) but some pandas sued Vince McMahon and they had yo chance their name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainement). And as mentioned before, I know it's fake, and the winner is decided before the match. I'm 13 years old but already know a lot about wrestling. Some other wrestling promotions are TNA and CZW wich is one of the most hardcore feds out there. The WWE for the moment consists of superstars like Batista, John Cena, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Chris Masters and Bobby Lashley. I Love the sport and I don't care what anybody says, for me It's real and not fake. Everybody who doesn't like wretling could at least respect the hard work the wrestlers put in to their careers. I mean I hate golf but I respect Tiger Woods. Pro Wrestling = Great entertainement
Did you see Smackdown this Thursday night by WWE ?
Yeah it was awesome !
by Matias Smulter January 06, 2006
One of the best goddam shows on the planet. Even though it is fake some of us like to enjoy it so don't ruin it for us you WWE haten Crackers. Includes greats like Batista, The Undertaker, John Cena, and Randy Ortan.
Don't fuck with the WWE bitck. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO
by Zac April 07, 2005
WWE formerly known as WWF is the greatest wrestling enterprise ever. WWF has been home to some of the greatest wrestlers ever like 'Holleywood' Hulk Hogan, The Rock,'Stone Cold' Stve Austin and many more. Yes WWE is fake but a lot of the time those guys are really busting their ass's for us the fan's. Wrestling is a true sport beacuse I don't think anyone would join the WWE for the money they join for respect from the fan's
Dude, did u see WWe RAW last night, It was narly
by Sammy O April 12, 2006
Bullshit fed to little kiddies and geeks, who think that it is real and.or cool
"wwe can get a spoon and eat my ass"
by Curtis July 09, 2004
Man, why are all you guys dissing the WWE. It's a sweet and awesome sport, yes i said sport, cause it is. anything that involves training your butt off to perform athleticly infront of people is a sport, fake or not. you guys keep calling it "fake". sure, so what if it is, but that doesn't mean its so fake your grandmother could easily take out triple H. you guys saying it's fake wouldn't last 20 seconds in the ring with a WWE superstar, so shut your hating mouths. you have no idea how much training it takes to be a wrestler. If you don't like WWE, than thats you. Dont bring the ones who do like it down.
And one more thing, it's not a redneck sport. that would be nascar
Stupid dude: man WWE is so fake, my granny could whoop Kane.
Kane: really? *choke slams granny*
Stupid Dude: aww, yeah right. that was so fake, she didn't even feel that
Granny:boy, shut up, my ass was just dropped * Dies*
Stupid dude: her death was planned, she's really still alive.
Kane: * Choke slams dumbass*
Stupid dude; * goes to the emergency room because of broken neck and rib*
by Luke stroder June 13, 2006
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