If you've ever met Austin Texas' infamous Wendy (WWAD) N. then you should know what WWAD stands for "What Would Ace Do?"

That's Ace Frehley, of course.
Wendy WWAD is one bad ass rocker chick from Texas.
by KurtCobain March 18, 2004
Top Definition
Abbrevation for 'What would Asians Do?', referring most of the time to academic stuff.
When you can't solve a math problem, ask yourself: "WWAD?"
by LeonC January 31, 2004
An acronym for What Would Atticus Do, reffering to the father of Scout in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus is very wise and full of advice, and the characters often turn to him for their problems.
This is a tough situation, WWAD?

I need some advice, WWAD?
by lgs93 June 02, 2009
An acronym for What Would Az Do, reffering to a very motivated man I know who gets stuck into the toughest task and gets it done quicker and better than you could ever do.
<Softy> i should go change my sparkies
<Softy> just cbf pulling the gas shit off the top of the carby
<danDR30> hahah
<julsaa> its not hard
<julsaa> WWAD
by Juls December 02, 2011
What Would Auntie Dolly Say?
to which one responds "welp, too bad"

Another way of saying "thats sucks"
person 1: my phone just broke!

person 2: WWADS?

person 1: welp, too bad.

person 2: exactly, stop crying.
by cc4cocoapuffs June 15, 2010
Abbrevation for "what would Ainslie do?", referring to Ben Ainslie, four time Olympic medallist and thee time ISAF Sailor of the Year.
When the wind shifts, you might ask yourself: WWAD?
by Sailmaster December 08, 2009
Short form of What Would Austin Do for a Klondike bar or random asian snackage. A most entertaining website as well. Mostly a waste of time, since the wwaders in general have no lives and are always bored. Good stuff.
Oh man, it's time for another wwad. I'm so bored I could rape a sheep. And I'm not even horny.
by Skiggy March 03, 2004
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