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(Scottish) A word used instead of "were not" creating an amalgamation of the two words it is replacing. It is normally used as a statement of disbelief.
Pronounced: wur-nay

Friend 1 - "Ah wis oan the telly last night." (I was on TV last night.)
Friend 2 - "Naw ye wurnae!" (No you were not.)

Friend 1 - "Ah wis born wi' two willies." (I was born with two male appendages.)
Friend 2 - "Dinnae talk pish ya dafty." (Stop telling lies, you silly person you.)
Friend 1 - "But ah really wis!" (I jest you not, 'tis the truth!)
Friend 2 - "Naw you wurnae, get tae fuck!" (No you were not, begone from here!)
by Gr8 February 20, 2008
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