a cornucopias amount of cannabis or the act of smoking it
Do you have some wumbo on you?; Are you ready for wumbo night?!
by Dr. Pat Micat May 10, 2012
The opposite of jumbo
I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/it wumboes
by Leminid January 28, 2014
As first mentioned by Patrick from "Spongebob," It is the act of a woman allowing a man to engage in anal pleasures. Usually given in exchange for an invitation to an occasion involving getting dressed up or fancy dinners (i.e. Fraternity formals, Proms).
Tim: "she has been bugging me for a week to let her be my date to formal next week. But if she wants to go, she's going to have to let me get some wumbo action in so there is something in for both of us."
by Sassquatch February 21, 2012
Word used in normal conversations in place of thing you do not want outsiders to understand.
~ yea dude, last night i wumboeddrank so much that i woke up in my neighbors backyard!
by slightlyst00pid October 26, 2010
Big, huge, large, not small. They also happen to be average in intellagence.
Patrick Star, Spongebob Squarepants, Eugene Krabs
by Neowonder March 19, 2003
Wumbo is more than just a word, it´s a style of living, of seeing what´s going on. It could be characterizised as something between past drunken aphathy and bacardi induzised screaming the sun out of your ass. Everyone should have his own WUMBO just to analyse what´s between you and the things around you. WUMBO lives not in the past, not in the future; he lives now and it´ll not be payed to ignore. He is a fact.
Wumbo is also a synonym for rock´n roll in a big box lady, cru, chruett, ...
Let´s WUMBO!
Wumbo is the godfather of bacardi and rockes your sweet soul, baby.
by Jooochen July 25, 2003
I'm assuming that this is just the same thing as jumbo (big).
The wumbo-sized lollipop was as big as a cow!
by _ August 22, 2003
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