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What colie said on The Real World Denver. She was trying to said "rude" but she was brushing her teeth.
Alex: Stop making out with people!
Colie: Dont be wude!
Alex: Okay, ill try not to be wude.*lol's*
by John Denvers School OF Flight November 29, 2006
A definition for popcorn.
This definition is very common.
Get some Wude!
Salted Wude, yummi!
by saadsads232232323 January 22, 2010
Dried up poop.
I knew a guy we called Jude the Wude. he was a dried up piece of dog shit.
by AngryManChef April 20, 2015
An spelling mistake of the word " Rude "
Was used on a msn convo and never stoped going around the world.
Could be used in a line like " OMG HOW FUCKING WUDE OF THAT FUCKING TEACHER "
by bcraig56 December 05, 2006
A women who is a dude.
Guy 1: Hey, look at that wude with food.
by November 28, 2011
"A WUDE is a woman dude" "This is a tom-boy or that girl who loves talking about how much she “hates hanging out with girls” because the guys are just so much cooler
A look at that wude.
by November 28, 2011

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