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Generally stands for 'What the what' use instead of wtf: 'What the fuck'. Most people use a question mark afterwards to get the point through. People who choose not to use curse word may prefer this.
wtw : What the what
by bossadian February 19, 2013
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What the whore

replaces the commonly used wtf
Student 1: "Does that teacher really have a glass eye?"
Student 2: "Yeah"
Student 1: "WTW??"
by DR. KICKASS. March 07, 2010
What the Weiner!
"Hey man, somebody stole your car!" "WTW!!!"
by Neffer12345 December 19, 2009
Acronym for "White Trash Wednesday." On a WTW, a group of party-goers tend to find the trashiest bar they can find, drink the trashiest beer, and the guys pick up the trashiest girls in the bar. Hence, WTW.
Thomas: "Yo Rick, it's WTW what's up for tonight?"
Rick: "How does a case of Milwaukee's Best beer and a trashy bar sound?"
Thomas: "Sweet"
by Thomas- August 31, 2005
short for what to wear.
bf1: hi gurl. ready for tonight? xx

bf2: ofc Im. wtw?

bf1: dunno. dress or somthin
by töffffffffffffffz June 11, 2010
White Trash Whore
Shes a WTW
by sassySadie March 19, 2010
What the Wallace.

Named after a certain Gay rigts activist.
What the wallace was that?
by Jo March 04, 2005

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