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Used when a person 'Wants To Know' something, typically preceded by that person's first intial. Best used as a subject heading for a post or email.
New topic posted by TLAD: "TWTK: what does WTF mean?"
by tlad November 01, 2007
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Why This Kolaveri
When someone says things you dislike or disapprove you say "Why this kolaveri (WTK)", similar to the english version of WTF..!
by maverickrajen88 December 05, 2011
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Abreviation for "What the KaK?!?!" Used as a shorthand expletive in #massassi.
GhostOfYoda: DS, you suck!
DSettahr: wtk
DSettahr: I do not
by DSettahr March 25, 2003
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A gang of white people who dislike anyone who isn't white,
there modo is white power world wide.
Those WTK guys are crazy...
by DJSin March 20, 2008
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